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Human Psychology History

Human Psychology History
Medieval Perspective
Basic ideas of Structuralism and Functionalism
In 1879, studies in the field of human psychology began as a science of its own in Leipzig,fake oakleys, Germany. With the establishment of Wundt’s psychology laboratory, he developed the technique of objective introspection. Later Titchener brought psychology in the form of structuralism to America. He was originally a student of Wundt. But structuralism died out in the コーチ メンズ early twentieth century. It was only in 1894 when M. F. Washburn received a Ph. D. in psychology. She was the first woman to do so and published The Animal Mind. She was a student of Titchener.
William James proposed the term functionalism, which was a counter argument against structuralism. It put www.proshopsale.com across that the human mind allows us to adapt, live, work, play and to the stressful situations in our lives. It was due to functionalism that the modern fields of educational psychology, evolutionary psychology and organizational psychology have emerged in human psychology.
Gestalt psychology, Psychoanalysis and Behaviorism.
Wertheimer and other researchers studied a new perspective of study known as Gestalt psychology which focuses on sensation and perception, particularly patterns and whole figures.
The theory and therapy based on the work of Sigmund Freud is psychoanalysis. He believed that the unconscious mind controls much of our conscious behaviour. His extensive research and ideas are still influential today. chanel handbags His chanel outlet medical profession took a whole different approach to human psychology,chanel outlet.
Later Behaviorism emerged studied by Watson. It focused exclusively on the observable stimuli and responses. As an illustration, Watson demonstrated that chanel outlet a phobia could be learned by conditioning a baby to be afraid of a white rat. Further, as a counter argument, Mary www.cheapjust.com C. Jones established that a learned phobia could also be counter conditioned.
Modern perspectives
Psychodynamics, Behaviorism.
Modern Freudians such as Anna Freud, Jung and Adler change the emphasis in Freud’s original theory into a kind of neo-Freudianism. The modern version of psychoanalysis focuses more on self-development and discovers other motivations behind a person's behavior than sexual motivations.
Skinner’s operant conditioning of voluntary behavior became a major force in the twentieth century. He introduced the concept of ジョーダンスニーカー reinforcement to behaviorism.
Humanism, Bio-psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Evolutionary perspective, and the Socio-Cultural perspective.
As エアジョーダン a reaction to the deterministic nature of behaviorism and psychoanalysis,cheap ray bans, Maslow and Roger’s studies led to a new force known as humanism. Humanism focuses on free will and the human potential for growth. Bio-psychology emerged as the study of the biological bases of behavior. According to human psychology, human and animal behavior is seen as a direct result of events in the cheap ray bans body. Cognitive Psychology is the study of language, memory, learning, and problem www.cheapjust.com solving. The principles of evolution and the knowledge we currently have about evolutions are used in this perspectives to look at the way the mind works and why it works as it does. Human behavior is seen as having an adaptive or survival value.
Thus with the passage of time, human psychology has greatly expanded in scope and attention.

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