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Activision Screen grab of a scene from Activision's latest video game X-Men: Destiny      Title: X-Men: Destiny   Related Stories   'Dangerous Hunts' worth a shot thanks to gun   No Doubt’s lawsuit against ‘Band Hero’ video game?studio can proceed before jury, judge rules?   Video Game Review: Konami’s ?Otomedius Excellent falls short of lofty title?   New consoles have video gamers reaching next?level of expectations in 2012? LOVED IT: Plenty of choices for your character, power-swapping is cool, solid fan serviceHATED IT: Bland visuals, boring combat, limited enemy variety, choices lack impact and main character lacks personalityGRAB IT IF: It’s in the bargain binWhat would it be like to be an X-Man? To   fight alongside the likes of Wolverine and Emma Frost? To save the world from peril while deciding your own fate?In your mind, it would be phenomenal. But in “X-Men: Destiny,” every comic book fans childhood dream is reduced to a mere beat-em-up template.Activision’s latest superhero game takes the brilliant idea of mutation and makes it more boring and forgettable than the final moments of Halle Berry’s “Catwoman.” It promises to let you feel like a true mutant, to let you experience a mutant’s first adventure alongside the storied X-Men, and the beginning moments thrust you into a typically Marvel adventure.But in the end it all falls so flat. You never get into the gameplay, which is your standard Activision action fare, a slightly intricate button-masher with occasional battling upgrades. Enemies are mindless, and you’re given little reason for fighting wave after wave of them, except for the fact that they’re standing in front of you. A smart upgrade system that lets you swap powers and suits and dress up like different heroes provides a bit of fan service relief, but it also serves   to highlight this game’s greatest weakness.Your character is a blank slate, with little personality to speak of. The worst part of “X-Men: Destiny is that you never fall in love with your character, who trudges through a tale that would make Ben Parker roll over in his grave.The gameplay would be forgivable if the story at least held together, and this is the most shocking disappointment of “X-Men: Destiny.” Activision has spent  Derrick Rose Jersey years milking its rather simple action template to death, but typically, the repetitive action has been buoyed by a solid story. “Spider-Man: Edge of Time” had great interplay between Spideys past and present, and even “Skylanders” had its merits.The story in “X-Men: Destiny” lacks such redeeming  Nike 2013 NFL Uniforms qualities. Even with average gameplay, you should be drawn in by the decisions of your first-time mutant, riveted by the chance to fight the good fight and make crucial decisions.Instead, it all feels thrown together, as if Activision desperately wanted this game to hit the market. You start by choosing from one of three characters, each with a slightly different back story. But after an initial cutscene which explains very little, you’re thrust into a rather generic story. Professor X is dead, and the world hates mutants, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.There’s a speech,  Steve Johnson Jersey and then there’s an unknown  Authentic Bulls Jersey earthquake, and then, as if from nothing, your mutant powers awaken. This should be a powerful scene-setting moment for an epic story. Instead, it’s one of the most disappointing moments in a disappointing game: You simply use your powers, then talk to Cyclops and Emma Frost before getting off on a traditional crawl and making some meaningless choices.The best choice you can make? Don’t pick up “X-Men: Destiny” to live out your mutant fantasies. You’re better off dressing up as Wolverine next Halloween.Reviewed on Xbox 360

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