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标题: Mundo De Portivo Barcelona Camisetas de fútbol baratas barcelona 2013 (7) [打印本页]

作者: spencxdf6    时间: 2013-8-13 08:07     标题: Mundo De Portivo Barcelona Camisetas de fútbol baratas barcelona 2013 (7)

KLAS Takara Davis (left) and her mother, Kellie Obong.Related Stories   Inventor of classic party game Twister dies at 82?   Harlem church sues  Camiseta Del Bar?a 2014 toymaker Emil Vicale after talking doll in leader's likeness is not black enough   Hasbro racks up winning sales of games   after contest to replace iconic Monopoly token builds buzz?   Lego drawing big sales after creation of blocks designed just for girls       KLAS  Takara Davis is in a medically induced coma.Take our Poll Insult to injury? Did police cross the line of decency giving a comatose girl a jaywalking ticket at the hospital?       I don't know.   Yes, they could have picked a different time or place.   No, if she jaywalked,Mundo De Portivo Barcelona, then she deserves a ticket,Personalizar Camiseta De Futbol, period.  A comatose 13-year-old Las vegas girl who is fighting for her life after being hit by a car has been given   a ticket for jaywalking.Takara Davis's mother received the citation at the hospital earlier this week,Equipacion Barca 2012, KLAS-TV reported.Recounting what a  Tienda Online Camisetas Futbol police officer told her, Kellie Obong, Davis' mom, said giving her the ticket at the hospital was in poor taste."He said, 'Takara was jaywalking. She has got to go to court on March 6th,'" Obong said. "If she was jaywalking,Tienda Camisetas Online, then she was jaywalking. But maybe you give it to me at a later time. Don't give it to me when they are rushing her into the operating room."The Las Vegas Police Department defended its officers in a statement."We wouldn't do anything deliberately insensitive," the statement said.Witnesses said Davis was trying to catch up with friends when she was crossing the street.Since the accident Tuesday, Davis has been in a medically induced coma."Every time they (doctors) come in,Camiseta Del Barca 2012, they say that the bleeding hasn't stopped on the brain," Obong said. "She's  Fc Barcelona Camiseta 2013 got no feeling of movement on her left  Tiendas De Camisetas En Barcelona side at all,Nuevas Camisetas Fc Barcelona."

   Fc Barcelona Tienda Oficial Camisetas de fútbol baratas barcelona 2013 (34)

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