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标题: Donde Comprar Equipaciones De Futbol Baratas Camisetas de fútbol baratas barcel [打印本页]

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all photos Steven for News    Now in their third home in the neighborhood since 1980 is on Washington Ave., and the two twentysomething daughters just opened  Bar?a Tienda Oficial Barcelona a cafe/design shop/boutique that looks like the inside of  Camiseta Futbol Tailandia a gingerbread house.Meet the Hazlewoods ― father Errol, mother Marion and daughters Elizabeth, 26, and Emily, 23. The entire family lives together and works together. The daughters,Donde Comprar Equipaciones De Futbol Baratas, who recently opened Urban Vintage on Grand Ave., grew   up in Clinton Hill. Aside from attending different universities in Pennsylvania, they have lived their whole lives in the neighborhood.Errol and daughter Emily. "The area grew with my sister and me," said Emily,Camisetas Personalizadas De Futbol, 23. "It has always been home and offered what I needed."In a way, Clinton Hill is what pushed the sisters into home decorating in the first place. Because their father owned numerous brownstones and other buildings in the area,Tienda Del Bar?a Barcelona, Emily and Elizabeth often helped him renovate.Over time they developed an eye for style, a skill they recently used to design the cafe and the $1.6 million brownstone on Washington Ave. their parents bought in 2008.This is the third building in Clinton Hill that Errol, 58, has lived in since he moved to the area in 1980. Originally from Guyana, Errol came to this part of Brooklyn because he had various family members living in what are now the Clinton Hill Cooperative Apartments. He liked the neighborhood enough that when he decided to get married, he bought his first building,Nuevas Camisetas Del Barcelona 2013, a two-family brownstone, for $50,000 on Clifton Place."That house was my official entry into the neighborhood,Camiseta Barcelona 2011 2012," he said, while showing off his newest acquisition. The 1860 three-family  Camisetas De F brownstone that the whole  Camiseta Del Bar?a Con La Senyera family now lives in is in great condition. It's in Clinton Hill's historic district, and the building itself was designated a landmark in 1983.Because of the rich history surrounding their home,Dise?o Camisetas De Futbol, Emily and Elizabeth wanted to keep the vintage vibe, but give it a twist of modernity. On the walls in the living room, the two-tone striped wallpaper accents the antique couches, a well-worn dressing mannequin and the dark wood cabinet that Errol bought from a bazaar at Cadman Memorial Church in 1981.One area where the sisters' creative eye really shone is the kitchen. Part of a wall is covered with classic-styled printed tin ceiling tiles (actually plastic). The counters are made from crushed glass and concrete, and the exposed brick around   the stove gives it a warm feeling.Next to the kitchen, they took out a closet and turned the space into a secret bathroom, decked out with a mirror sculpture and two-tiered, turquoise-tiled sink.

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