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Getty The 'epic' partying of Charlie Sheen brings to mind John Belushi, who died in 1982 at age 33.  Take our Poll Sheen-a-thon Do you think Charlie Sheen will be able to recover from this meltdown?       Yes, He is a talented actor and will still get roles  Whenever my wife and I go to Martha's Vineyard, I hop on my bicycle and head toward the up-island villages of Chilmark, Menemsha and Aquinnah.It's peaceful out that way, and you've hit the outskirts when you reach Abel's Hill, a  Monster Beats Sale few miles past West Tisbury. It's a short hill with a gentle slope and at the top you see a cemetery on your right.The cemetery is mildly famous. It's where John Belushi is buried.You still see flowers on his grave sometimes, though not as many as you  Beats By Dr Dre China used to. That's how it goes when you've been dead for 29 years, almost as long as the 33 he lived.Belushi was a star. He was in the original cast of "Saturday Night Live," creating?a series of edgy, sometimes deranged characters. He broke into the movies with "Animal House"  Buy Beats By Dre For Cheap and hit the jackpot with his pal Dan Aykroyd in "The Blues Brothers."Along the way he developed a taste for intense partying, and on March 5,  Beats By Dre Warranty 1982, holed up in West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont, he asked a pal named Cathy Smith to fix him a nightcap.That turned out to be a speedball, a mix of cocaine and heroin. It's the reason for those flowers on Abel's Hill today.So when Charlie Sheen made the news a few weeks back for his three-day sessions with cocaine, vodka and porn stars, I thought about John Belushi.I thought about him again when Sheen started rolling out superlatives for his parties. Epic, he called them. Totally bitchin'. He said his run made legendary showbiz party guys like Frank Sinatra, Errol Flynn and Keith Richards "look like droopy-eyed, armless children."The deliberate use of bemused and bizarre imagery aside, what's hard to miss is the glamorization of excess.Sheen said repeatedly this week that his sturdy constitution makes him "special" ― super-mortal, as if his consumption of a 7-gram rock of cocaine is a parallel achievement to   Vermeer's paintings or Einstein's breakthroughs in physics or Michael Jordan's artistry with a basketball.Nor is Sheen wrong that we have at times treated celebrity excess as impressive.Keith Richards hasn't just left one of the great rock 'n' roll musical legacies, he has been one of rock's most endearing characters. He's caustic, witty, honest and just really smart.He's also one of the gods of rock excess. He was arrested five times on drug charges between 1967 and 1978. He also drank a lot. Today it's hard to find a rocker more fans adore.Frank Sinatra spent years exemplifying old-school excess, mostly with alcohol and attitude. At the end, he was far more beloved for his art than chastised for his multiple lapses.Mike Tyson did jail and rehab. He   fell into drugs and spent all his money. His wife Robin Givens told Barbara Walters on national TV that living with him was "pure torture, hell, worse than anything I could imagine."Tyson now says he spent years trying to purge his anger and he feels he has. Tonight at 10 on Animal Planet, you can see him racing pigeons.Two years ago Britney Spears was drinking everything in sight, chopping off her hair and smashing car windows with umbrellas. Now she has a new record that looks like a big hit.So Sheen has a point: Bad behavior, even wackatola behavior, doesn't necessarily kill careers or reputations.In the quiet breeze of Abel's Hill, though, you remember that it can still be a killer.NO STRING ON HIS GUITARSuze Rotolo died a week ago Friday, and the headlines were just what she knew they'd be.From late 1961 to 1964, Rotolo had an intense albeit on-and-off relationship with Bob Dylan, who during those years rose from nobody to one of popular music's great somebodies.That was one of the reasons Suze and Bob ended, she said, because she knew how rock wives and girlfriends are regarded and she didn't want to be "a string on his guitar."She wasn't. She carved out her own life, married, had a son. She designed books, taught, stayed active in the civil rights and peace causes to which she had introduced Dylan. Just two weeks ago she set up a concert in Toronto with folk singer Christine Lavin for her longtime friend George Auerbach.For the millions who didn't know her personally, though, our stronger connection inevitably has been the Dylan songs she inspired. Those include, most directly, breakup and separation songs: "Boots of Spanish Leather," "Tomorrow Is a Long Time," "It Ain't Me Babe," "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right."Dylan has said "Don't Think Twice" isn't a love song. Not to disagree with the man, but it's about as strong as a love song can get. The love happens to be lost, but if it had never been there, we'd have no song.At the risk of silly remote psychoanalysis, it's clear Suze brought out something Dylan hadn't put into his music before, a frighteningly intense personal depth.Add that to his skill with words and you have part of the reason he's the best songwriter of the last 50 years.Rotolo also endures in Dylan lore because of the "Freewheelin' " album cover, where they're leaning together as they walk down a cold New York street.Over the years additional pictures have also surfaced of Rotolo and Dylan. They're striking for many reasons, including how young they look and the way that he's so self-conscious while she's so not.You look at those pictures and you think that what she brought to his world was air. How do you measure that kind of contribution?It's a lot more than a string on a guitar.

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